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Risk Compliance Engineer โ€“ Job Description

Risk Compliance Engineer - focused on Automating SOC2 using Jira#

Check out this 6min youtube that explains the role and our approach to achieving continous compliance. For the longer 14min version, see the references below. There is also an incredible Open Security Summit session where we presented this, the recording can be found here

At Glasswall, we are doing things a bit differently. Good different. And we're not just talking about it; we're walking the walk. The amount of learning, growth, progression, and positivity that we are experiencing right now makes me excited and privileged to be here and be part of our evolution.

We are on the hunt to add exceptional talent to our team. The next generation of talent who will be as excited as we are by modern thinking, ways of working and engineering practises. Visit our Engineering Blog to read up on some of the things we're doing! New team and organisational structure, Wardley Maps, thinking in Graphs, are but a few. There's a lot of cool things happening here coupled with incredible opportunities for learning, contribution, ownership, evolution and delivering world class products that genuinely make handling digital documents safer for all!

A big part of our culture is openness, transparency, and diversity. We are driving to publish more of our work to the wider community. Have closer engagement and collaboration with our customers and partners. We aim to find diverse and talented individuals, from all parts of the world, walks of life and previous industry experience. Bringing different perceptions to the work we do, we do it better!

The talented candidate will work closely with all functions of the business and play a role in our Infosec team. You will be focused initially on helping us achieve SOC 2 accreditation. But that is just an early outcome of the work. We are looking to visualise and scale compliance across the organisation. We will achieve this utilizing Jira as a graph db. By mapping all SOC 2 controls to various Teams, Projects, Products, Process's, Outputs etc and all associated metadata โ€“ We will provide context to each control measure and the work required to create, deliver or evidence compliance. We aim to engineer the s#$% out of this โ€“ achieving a high level of automated self-certifying solutions as our products and processes continue to develop and mature. This is an opportunity to drive positive business change and show measurement through visualization and data.

Duties and Responsibilities

A mix of security, operations and compliance:

  • Drive compliance and regulatory efforts.
  • Help form and lead a Risk team
  • Work closely with InfoSec and Operations in preparing, following and evidencing organisational processes.
  • Build and maintain a Corrective Action Plan in order to achieve compliance.
  • Your first project will be around helping Glasswall achieve and maintain SOC 2 compliance

The role will report directly to the Head of InfoSec

Skills you may have, or will learn ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Effective communication and listening
  • Stakeholder management
  • Creating Ecosystems and Feedback Loops
  • Compliance
  • Risk
  • Operations

Experience Key Requirement

  • SOC 2

Salary and Benefits

  • Glasswall offers a competitive salary and benefits package.

  • Some benefits include private health care, pension contribution, and our options programme.

  • We offer flexible and remote working.

  • We believe in testing new talent on the job before making full time hires. This is beneficial to both us and the candidate โ€“ We have a chance to feel each out other, get submerged in the culture and working environment before committing to a long-term engagement

  • We will offer this position first as a contract role:

    • This can be facilitated initially via Upwork, through an hourly rate and weekly working limit.
    • Then a 2 to 3 engagement via a month-by-month fixed contract.
  • There is then potential for this to convert to a full-time role in our InfoSec team.

How to Apply

Please read our blog post on the job, complete the challenges, submit your application and challenges to: http://careers.glasswallsolutions.com/

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