Rules of Engagement

For recruitment agencies wanting to work with Glasswall and provide us with an exceptional talent pool for FTE hires, here are our Rules of Engagement.

Rules of Engagement

Any prospective agency would need to:

  • Direct their candidates to one of our blog posts, we'll have different write ups for different types of roles. E.G: Blog Post
  • Have them read the blog and complete all the challenges. The blog has guidelines on how to submit their application.
  • Have your cadididate apply to our role via
  • You or your candidate can email us at to inform us of your relationship to connect the finders fee.

What Glasswall will do:

  • Review the candidate's application and respond accordingly to their email
  • Should we like the application, we will arrange to meet with the candidate
    • Have them present to us the slideshow they created
    • Interview questions around the role, organisation, candidates' goals and expectations, cultural fit.
  • Should a further technical assessment be needed we will arrange this.
  • Provide offers to successful candidates.
    • Including the agency on the digital offer.
    • Request payment details from the agency at the time of offer.
  • On acceptance of the offer, pay the agency a 10% finder's fee.

What we will not do:

  • Review CVs being emailed to us.
  • Spend overhead time engaging with agencies to further discuss the opportunities available and alter terms.

Reference Materials:

Medium blog post - Dev Team Lead, SRE Team Lead, DevOps Engineer
Medium blog post - AppSec Engineer


Question: With regards to 'We offer flexible and remote working options.' - Would you consider someone who will work absolutely 100% remote or would they have to spend time in the Chelmsford office each week/month etc?
Answer: Yes we will, as long as the work is getting done, location is not important. Our Chelmsford office will be remaining closed for the most part until 2021 in any case.

Question: Does the presentation have to be about Glasswall or about me, like the example presentations are? Also can I include the wardley map in the same presentation?
Answer: The presentations are about the person. It’s an opportunity for them to present themselves, who they are, what their passions are, how they think. etc. It's for us to learn about them the things we never could through a CV. Yes, they can include the map in the presentation :)

Question: One of my contacts was interested in the SRE Team Lead position. However, he was put off by the 'on-call' element. Is that mandatory for the role or can it be worked around?
Answer: 100% mandatory for any SRE position. We compensate our SRE staff with an addiotional £5K per annum on top of their base salary. They will then be on a rota with the rest of the SRE team to handle any out of hour incidents of our Production Cloud products. We use PagerDuty to handle these p1 incident call outs.

Question: Can you elaborate on your company benefits?
Answer: Some benefits include private health care, pension contribution, and our options programme. We provide 25 days annual leave. All staff have access to online training platforms. We have a quarterly training budget for study materials, conferences, certifications, productivity tools etc.